Saturday, December 09, 2006

How Arrays Work In Ruby

WKC CCC wrote:

> unknown wrote:
> > WKC CCC wrote:
> >
> >>
> >> count = count + 1
> >> end
> >>
> >> puts one.inspect
> >
> > copies the *array* but it does not copy its *elements*.
> > So tempArr[0] is another name for the very same object as one[0], and so
> > forth. m.
> If they are referring to the same object, why is it when
> tempArr =
> one.clear
> results in tempArr still having the values originally assigned to array
> one?

Reread what I said. I didn't say that tempArr and one refer to the same
object; I said that tempArr[0] and one[0] (and so on) refer to the same

Think of it this way. Items in an array are dogs. Arrays are people
holding leashes. Anyone can attach a leash to a dog. So I (tempArr) can
have a leash on Fido, and so can you (one). If you let go of your leash
(one.clear), Fido is still Fido; you just don't have a leash on him. But
if you cut off one Fido's legs (modify one[0]), that leg on my Fido
(tempArr[0]) is also cut off, because they are the same Fido.


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