Monday, August 22, 2005

Binghamton 2

Well, Binghamton has been pretty typical for a trip to Binghamton. Couple of things. One, we stopped at a Chili's (you know...Baby back ribs), and I haven't been to a Chili's since I can't remember when. I ordered the Bleu Cheese Chipotle Bacon Burger, and what an awesome combo of tastes it was. Speaking of bleu cheese, if your a fan of bleu cheese and a fan of beef, as I am, try this: build your burgers around a chunk or two of bleu cheese. Now ideally, its supposed to turn into a melted bleu cheese filling, but most of the time it just seeps throughout the burger (which still tastes really good). Mmm-mmm. Also we visited a Dollar Tree. Dollar Tree is a chain of dollar stores, but they are really good dollar stores. You'll oftentimes find name-brand stuff in there. If you get the oppurtunity definitely check one out. I guess that's all for now, later.

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