Saturday, August 27, 2005

Write ransom notes with Flickr (plus macdevcenter commentary)

Here's a cool place I ran across whilst reading O'Reilly's MacDevCenter. It lets you type in some stuff and it uses Flickr to spell out the letters with various photos. Check it out.

Speaking of MacDevCenter it seems as though there is a dearth of actually macDEVcenter articles on it. I see information about an anti-virus frontend, flickr, an article titled "What is Preview? (and why you should use it)". Now, all these articles contain interesting info, but a lot of them don't actually have anything to do with development. And some of them hint at it, without really delivering.

For instance, the Flickr article describes how to setup and account with Flickr, mentions some Mac tools to use with it, and has a quote by one of the people who wrote a tool extolling the virtues of the Flickr API. However there was no information on this API, no tutorial no sample code, not even a pointer to more documentation. Just the offhand mention of the existence of said API. One would assume that a site like MacDevCenter would be well, targeted towards developers. I suppose I should stop complaining, O'Reilly has a lot of good stuff up there, and he articles aren't bad, and there are some actual developement articles, I just feel like the site name is a bit of a misnomer.


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Whatever happened to Morgan the cat?