Sunday, October 01, 2006


So yesterday (9/30) I hit up nextfest with my compatriot Jimmy. Won a USB hub from the GeekSquad both. Saw a creepy creepy robot, that had Einstein's head attached to Asimo's body. (Well it wasn't really Asimo, It was Hubo, but it sure looked a lot like Asimo.) There was this planetary rover that's wheels were each independent robots (I use "independent" loosely because the whole time they were being controlled by guys with RC remotes). IBM can apparently move individual atoms now thru the magic of cut and paste.

After NextFest, we wanted to see The Prestige, so instead we saw The Illusionist. (The Prestige having not yet been released). It was ok. My friend remarked it was very The Usual Suspects there at the end.

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