Thursday, November 30, 2006

Seen in #ruby-lang

[4:21pm] <tpope> blink, less +F
[4:21pm] <teferi> tpope: I just SUGGESTED that
[4:21pm] <blink> technomancy: ssh+screen+tail, and doing an escape to copy mode everytime i want tos croll back is a hassle.
[4:21pm] bingeldac joined the chat room.
[4:21pm] <tpope> well good for you
[4:22pm] <blink> teferi: oh, i thought you were referring to tail -F
[4:22pm] <technomancy> if you say so
[4:22pm] langenberg_ left the chat room. (Connection timed out)
[4:23pm] <LoganCapaldo> he
[4:23pm] <LoganCapaldo> it's funny how you can man less and search for tail and get relevant info
[4:23pm] <blink> teferi: heeeeee, it works in conjuction with the F command within less. thank you.
[4:23pm] <blink> LoganCapaldo: i didn't se anything, so i decided to ask some geeks :P
[4:24pm] <simplicoder> a manless search for tail?
[4:24pm] <blink> simplicoder: i do that all the time.

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